Tsume DRAGON BALL Z Majin Vegeta HQS+

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Scale 1/4. Total run of 3000 pieces.

Numbered Edition. Limited at 3000 statues (Available end of 2017) .

Majin Vegeta, from the anime Dragon Ball Z. Including: one Vegeta statue, and the base with advanced LED system. High quality Packaging with serial number, limited serial metal plate! 

Tsume is launching its brand new line of 1/4th scale resin statues for high end collector: HQS+ Power Level Max. From the licence Dragon Ball Z, Majin Vegeta is the first to be released in this new collection, that brings out emblematic characters at the peak of their power.

The statue shows the Saiyan Prince about to launch his attack – sometimes called “Atomic Blast” – at Majin Buu. He bears on his forehead the seal of the possession of Babidi from which he just freed himself. Vegeta's outfit still shows the marks of his fight against Goku, and has lightnings around him… Sign of  Super Saiyan 2's power.


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Tsume DRAGON BALL Z Majin Vegeta HQS+

Tsume DRAGON BALL Z Majin Vegeta HQS+